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It was awesome, you´re really skillful, thank you very much for the wonderful experience.
— Lenka M.
A beautiful event! Thank you very much for it!
— Míša R.
Fascinating!!! I had goose bumps at almost every site !!!
— Lucinka L.D.
A super event, I recommend it to everyone and more often!!!
— Nadja H.
It was wonderful. Thank you very much for the amazing evening.
— Klárka M.
It´s been worth it! It´s a super event! Especially the projection on the river.
— Gabča T.B.

About the project

We have created a unique concept of the festival which combines the most interesting elements of what present technology and the festivals of light in the world are offering.

We have prepared a fascinating mixture which visitors will definitely find amusing and interesting. We do not want the visitors to the festival only to see our show and forget it a few das later.

Ing. Vladimír Chlad
+420 725 935 077

INFOCENTRUM MĚSTA Karlovy Vary, o. p. s.

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