Smetanovy Sady

Fri/Sat 08.00 pm – midnight Workshop for children and adults

Create a lantern and become a part of the landart.

Fri/Sat 09.00 pm – midnightSale of light accessories

In front of the Thermal

Fri 07.00 pm / Sat 06.00 pm – midnight Auto Palace promo event in Karlovy Vary

Audi car show, handout of discount coupons for car service and washing. The atmosphere will be livened up by DJ SilentCut.

Dvořák Park

Fri/Sat 09.00 pm – midnight ShiningVARY° 2022 photo corner


It was awesome, you´re really skillful, thank you very much for the wonderful experience.
— Lenka M.
A beautiful event! Thank you very much for it!
— Míša R.
Fascinating!!! I had goose bumps at almost every site !!!
— Lucinka L.D.
A super event, I recommend it to everyone and more often!!!
— Nadja H.
It was wonderful. Thank you very much for the amazing evening.
— Klárka M.
It´s been worth it! It´s a super event! Especially the projection on the river.
— Gabča T.B.

About the project

We have created a unique concept of the festival which combines the most interesting elements of what present technology and the festivals of light in the world are offering.

We have prepared a fascinating mixture which visitors will definitely find amusing and interesting. We do not want the visitors to the festival only to see our show and forget it a few das later.

Pavlína Kyselová
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INFOCENTRUM MĚSTA Karlovy Vary, o. p. s.

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