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This year’s leitmotif “back to the future” appears throughout the entire program, but it also turns to something completely timeless, without which no future would await us, and that is nature.

Take a walk to eight stops along the banks of the Teplá River, and at traditional promenade spots you will discover a cosmic landscape, glowing trees, and even visitors from the depths of the sea swimming over your head.


    Interactive game – Save the Planet

    Hitting the target is fundamental. This is true in many sports. A giant interactive projection from leading Czech artist Dan Gregor aka will draw both child and adult visitors into the game. Pick up the balls and together take aim at aliens threatening our planet. You will have to work together to save the Earth. Destroy evil forces, plant a tree and save the planet!

    Artist: Dan Gregor aka (CZ)

    Interactive light show with a DJ - Shooting Stars

    A festival centre doesn’t have to be all about journalists and accreditations. Ours is mostly about riding a relaxing wave, pleasant house music and more than four dozen light balls which “swing” colourfully to the rhythm of music. Onlookers can weave through the park, try delicious goodies, and their children (or they themselves) can head over to the neighbouring attraction to throw at a target and save the planet. DJ Chris Kaufmann will make an appearance behind the mixing console.

    Artist: Ladislav Fryc (CZ)

    Giant static projection

    MOSER - “The brothers Grimm wrote stories on paper; Ludwig Moser wrote on crystal.” One of the oldest manufacturers in Europe, an original design, and a traditional brand from Karlovy Vary.

    Artist: Fényfestés (HU)

  2. HOTEL THERMAL - Laser mapping - Back to the Future of Film

    This laser-mapping show projected on to the Thermal Hotel lasts approximately 6 minutes. Two iconic cars acting out the story in three parts appear in the starring roles. The first to be assembled from laser beams is the legendary Velorex from the 1980 Czech film Vrchní, prchni! (Run, Waiter, Run!), a story with an unforgettable place in the history of Karlovy Vary. This car later transforms into the DeLorean from the Back to the Future trilogy (1985-1990), which is directly related to the theme of the whole festival. The conclusion of the show sees the two cars compete for an imaginary main prize in the form of the famous crystal globe award from the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Visitors can only guess which car will triumph in this bizarre race, which starts back in the 1980s.

    Artist: LasermanCZ (CZE)
  3. DVOŘÁK PARK - Interactive game – Camping Orchestra

    An unknown group of ramblers has set up camp right in the centre of Karlovy Vary. Nobody knows where they came from and why they have pitched tent right on the main promenade. All that remains is to find out if they are all asleep, and if it is possible to disturb them a little and wake them up with sounds or light, or both at once. A tin and spoons strewn around are just asking to be touched. #škoditPovoleno

    Artist: Ivo Opl and the DEPO2015 team
  4. THE MILL COLONNADE - Giant light puppets – Visitors

    Visitors from the depths of the ocean will be swimming into Karlovy Vary; you will see a giant glowing fish, jellyfish and mermaids on stilts. Fibre optic technology with cutting-edge LED lights bring original interactive puppets to life, proving that the art of puppetry is still alive and well.

    Artists: Jakub Vedral / Erika Čičmanová (CZ)
  5. THE CHURCH OF ST. MARY MAGDALENE – Video mapping - The Petrified Wedding Procession

    This thematic adaptation of the legend of the “Petrified Wedding Procession” connected with the nearby Svatošské Rocks is approximately 6 minutes long. According to the legend, the infant Hans Heiling, or Jan Svatoš in Czech, was found by a farmer on one of the banks of the Ohře River. The farmer took the child home and raised him with his wife. One day, Jan Svatoš was sitting on the river bank and looking into its waves. Legend has it that a beautiful nymph emerged from the water and said: “I know your desires and can teach you everything that you long for. But you must promise me that you will never marry another woman.” Young Svatoš was so enchanted by her beauty that he accepted her offer. But as often happens in life, he gradually began to regret his promise, as he had fallen in love with another girl. When he and his bride-to-be were standing before the altar and all that remained was to say “I do”, the betrayed nymph appeared and turned the entire wedding procession to stone. And that is how you will find Jan Svatoš and his bride, a priest, altar boys, wedding guests, minstrels and a wedding carriage today.

    Artist: Vision Factory (CZ)
  6. MUNICIPAL SAVINGS BANK - Giant static projection

    Head to the Hot Spring (Vřídlo) and follow in the footsteps of Karlovy Vary’s natural wealth – water. A giant static projection on the façade of the Municipal Savings Bank tells the story of Karlovy Vary mineral water - an irreplaceable and unique natural source whose effects have been proven for centuries.

    Artist: Fényfestés (HU)
  7. KARLOVY VARY MUNICIPAL THEATRE - Giant static projection

    This static projection is inspired by the theatre curtain and many other interior features of the theatre. The artistic interior features in question are the work of Viennese brothers Gustav and Ernest Klimt, and Franz Matsch. The greatest gem is the hand-painted curtain with the motif of the apotheosis of poetic art. After arduous restoration, it was returned to the theatre in 1999.

    Artist: Fényfestés (HU)
  8. CHARLES IV PARK - Interactive game Grow

    The festival entrance or exit is created by a tree near the Imperial Spa in Charles IV Park. Dozens of metres of LED lights hung carefully on a majestic lime tree respond to the movements of natural “playing pieces” on an interactive table. Combinations of these pieces awaken both light and sound effects, conjuring up a genuine urban jungle.

    Artist: Luboš Zbranek (CZE)


It was awesome, you´re really skillful, thank you very much for the wonderful experience.
— Lenka M.
A beautiful event! Thank you very much for it!
— Míša R.
Fascinating!!! I had goose bumps at almost every site !!!
— Lucinka L.D.
A super event, I recommend it to everyone and more often!!!
— Nadja H.
It was wonderful. Thank you very much for the amazing evening.
— Klárka M.
It´s been worth it! It´s a super event! Especially the projection on the river.
— Gabča T.B.

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